How to Turn Over a New Leaf When Moving Homes

By: ChristosMoving  |  March 3, 2015

moving homesIf you’re moving home, then you will be presented with the ideal opportunity to turn over a new leaf and to change the way you approach your property. This is a fresh start that will be perfect for breaking old habits and for making your home the way you really want it to be. Read on to see how you can make moving home into a real opportunity for change.

Out With the Old…

When packing up your things at the old place, make sure that you are ruthless and that you get rid of anything you don’t absolutely need. This may seem upsetting at the time but the thing to remember is that if you haven’t used a box of items in the last year… you’re probably never going to. Throw it out and your new home will have more space, more storage and less clutter. It’s a weight off your shoulders and surprisingly liberating.

Keeping on Top of Things

Unless you’re man or woman of the year, there were probably jobs in the old place that got on top of you from time to time. If you found that your surfaces were dusty, the plates piled up and the bedroom really needed painting, then consider moving a great opportunity to get into better maintenance habits. Paint rooms while they’re still empty and start wiping condensation out from the bathroom early on before it builds up and affects the tiles. This is a chance to do things differently!

New Habits

The same goes for your life outside the home. This is the perfect opportunity to quit smoking, to sleep longer and generally to ditch old habits. A change of environment provides the perfect opportunity to change habits so moving home will make it much easier to get out of bad patterns.

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